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Connecting A.M.

Created at the beginning of 2016, Connecting A.M. (or Conectar A.M.) is more a website of Ajuda Moderna (or Modern Help) and it has the objectives of disclosing schools and finding donors of computers labs, with access to the internet. 

After this basic explanation, others related informations will be given in the form of questions and answers. 

Why to donate computers and internet for schools? 

Because the Digital Inclusion is really necessary for all children in the world. In some cases, the donation means the first opportunity to access the Internet or to know a computer. The base concept of ICT is the computer, preferably connected to the Internet. 

How are the schools disclosed? 

The schools are published on the website, with some data and images. And all the available information are submitted to the donor. 

Can any school be disclosed in Connecting A.M.? 

Disclosure of some school may be submitted, but the administration of website defines the publications and has established conditions (for example, the required informations in the respective form. 

Is there other condition to the school be approved? 

Yes. The school needs to accept the permanent possibility of Connecting A.M. and the donor follow online the use of the equipments, through free software of remote access. 

How much does a computers lab? 

It is not possible to answer this question without others details. There are details that alter the cost, for example: the place of the school, the type and the state of the equipments. Not including the cost of the package plan, a lab in the interior of Ghana, with 10 used laptops, tables, chairs and equipments of internet by satellite approximately costed USD 4,200.00. A lab in Burundi, with 10 used computers, costed USD 2,500.00. 

Must the money be sent to Conectar A.M. for make a distance donation? 

No. No way. Conectar A.M. doesn’t make financial intermediation. It is only done the free intermediation of contacts, by various means. The money must be sent directly to the sellers. In some cases, the donor may, if he prefers it, send money to the school or to the partner in the place. 

What is the first step for those who are interested? 

Contact the administration of the website. Fill out the form and write about your interest.